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Fox Swingers Micro Black Label Spare Case Red Blue Black Purple Carp Fishing

Fox Swingers Micro Black Label Spare Case Red Blue Black Purple Carp Fishing

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Micro Swingers:

New black finish
Adjustable line clip system
Compact stainless steel arm for greater sensitivity at short and medium range
42g sliding collar weight
Light reactive acrylic indicator head
Betalight slot

Black Label Mini Swingers:

Based on the design of the iconic Fox Swinger MK3 but with a shorter arm (45mm less) and reduced head size (40% smaller)
Also features a Black Label hockey stick thread attachment instead of traditional Swinger Plate allowing for less bulk and quick interchange with different Black Label indicators
16 gram sliding weight on arm
Matt black anodised coating on arm and weight
Fixed line gate system
Rubber shock absorbers on bottom of the head
Opaque finish on head
Head features isotope slot (for use with the Black Label Micro Isotope)
Great all-round indicator for fishing with slack, semi-slack and tight lines
Especially good for eliminating false indications in windy conditions
Available in 4 colours: Red, Blue, Black and Purple

MK2 Illuminated Swinger Case:

Fox Swinger case for carrying up to 4 Fox MK2 illuminated Swingers
Fishing Box with precise cut-outs
Colour: Semi-transparent/Grey
Material: Plastic