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Fox Rod Rest Head Range Butt Grip Front Runner Rod Lok River Fishing

Fox Rod Rest Head Range Butt Grip Front Runner Rod Lok River Fishing

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Butt Grip - Large:

They have been constructed from a robust rubber that grips to the butt of your rod with impressive strength. This grip is greater than most other models available as despite their small size the Fox Butt Grips are actually in contact with more of the butt’s surface area than most. As mentioned previously they are very small, which when coupled with their minimalist styling makes them every tackle tarts dream back rest!

Duo Butt Grip:

New scaled down version of the original Fox Duo Grip Rear Rest
Constructed from flexible nylon with a ‘soft-touch’ rubber inlay that allows the head to flex and adjust to the diameter of your chosen rod
Both Skinny Cork and Skinny Duplon handles are accommodated in the upper area
Abbreviated handles of varying diameters including 10ft rod butt sections are securely gripped in the lower section
Hardwearing nylon screw thread

Rod Loks:

New take on a classic Fox product
Steel skeletal frame over moulded in plastic and soft touch rubber
Designed to tightly grip the butt of the rod
Two sizes available – Medium and Large
Medium suited to abbreviated handles, Large ideal for Slim Cork and Slim Duplon handles

Butt Rest:

Rear rest that grips so tightly that there’s no danger of it losing its hold on the rod butt. Releases the rod only when the angler picks it up.

Frontrunner Rod Rest:

Designed for the pike and specialist angler alike, the 'Frontrunner' includes a deep slot to provide friction free line movement whilst ensuring the rod remains firmly seated, even in windy conditions. The 'soft touch' rubber inlay to ensures the rod does not slide, even when set at an acute angle. Featuring a stainless steel stud and a betalight slot for easy location during the night.

Butt Rest w. Stainless Thread:

Similar to the butt rest, but with a stainless steel thread.