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Fox Rage Mini Fry Zander Pro Spikey Shad Mixed Soft Lure Packs Predator Fishing

Fox Rage Mini Fry Zander Pro Spikey Shad Mixed Soft Lure Packs Predator Fishing

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Mini Fry Loaded Mixed Colour x4 Pack:

Established Rage soft lures known for their fish-catching abilities are now available in multi-colour packs to give you a range of options in one pack. The new packs cover both Rage micro lures and loaded lures.

    Established Rage lures in handy, mixed colour packs
    New micro lure packs
    New Loaded lure packs
    Includes proven fish catchers such as Micro Grub, Micro Spikey, Micro Tiddler Fast, Dropshot Fly and Fry lures, Mini Fry, Spikey Shads and Zander Pro Shads
    Perfect for multiple colour options in one purchase

Zander Pro Shads Mixed Colour x5 Pack:

Maximum Vibration
Perfect Baitfish Size
Natural Swimming Action
Extremely Strong Material

Spikey Shad Mixed Colour x5 Pack:

Are you looking for something special, a kind of breakthrough in the shad market? You have found it the name is Spikey! Everywhere Spikey was shown it caused quite a stir. With its 264 spikes it produces micro vibrations, which are extremely attractive for all predators. These spikes are very flexible for a natural life like feeling and give the fishermen the opportunity to add long lasting bait pastes onto the lure. It is injection moulded, with a super soft rubber mixture giving the perfect lure shape and a very attractive movement, even with the slowest retrieving rate. A real hit for zander, perch and black bass when fishing with a jig head or all modern US-rig types.