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Fox Halo 27K Wireless Power Pack Fishing Accessory

Fox Halo 27K Wireless Power Pack Fishing Accessory

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Wireless charging with compatible the latest phones
Cable charging options also
Input types: Micro USB, USB-C, Lightening
Output: 2x USB, USB-C, Wireless
LCD display to show charging and power level
Waterproof level - IP65
Reliable Li-Polymer Battery
Capacity - 26800mAh
Will charge iPhone 12 (or similar) up to 6 times from flat
Included charger will fully charge the power pack from empty in 6.5hours
Dimensions - 173mm x 88mm x 34mm
Weight - 575g

Technical data:

    Lightening Input: DC 5V-2A / 9V-2A
    Micro Input:  DC 5V-2A / 9V-2A
    USB-C Input: (18W PD) 5V-2A / 9V-2A

    USB-C output: (20W PD ) 5V-3A / 9V-2.2A / 12V-1.5A
    USB1-2 output: DC 4.5V/5A/ 5V/4.5A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
    Wireless: 10W max