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Fox Edges Micro Drill Bait Multi Tool Needle Set Braid Blades Fishing Tools

Fox Edges Micro Drill Bait Multi Tool Needle Set Braid Blades Fishing Tools

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Micro Drill:

Designed for drilling ultra fine holes into hookbaits
Allows you create a bore in a hard bait for your baiting needle
Perfect for hard baits such as nuts, air-dried boilies and corkball pop-ups
Ergonomically designed highly visual handle

Bait Drill & Cork Sticks:

Ideal for balancing or popping up hookbaits.

Multi Tool:

Handy device that features four tools in one!

    One end is a line stripper for removing outer coating from coated braids
    Tension hook on opposite end to stripper, which is used for tightening knots and straightening stiff materials
    Also features small D-Rig spike for opening out and creating a neat D shape
    At opposite end to small D-Rig spike is a larger loop spike that allows you to create perfect loop on Chod and Hinged Stiff Rigs

Deluxe Needle Set:

Five-piece needle set that features everything you need
Comprises Stix & Stringer, Fine, Heavy, Gated and Splicing needles

Braid Blades:

Featuring a serrated blade for the clean cutting of the finest braids and hooklink materials.

Braid Blades XS:

With saw teethed blades the Braid Blade XS will Cut easily through: Braid, Nylon, Hard Mono, Steel Wire (Single & Multi-strand) & Titanium.