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Flambeau Call Whistle Duck Goose Wigeon Hunting Shooting Birding Bird Watching

Flambeau Call Whistle Duck Goose Wigeon Hunting Shooting Birding Bird Watching

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5-in-1 Multi Species Duck Call:

The class Lohman "Real Sound": of this whistle creates crisp, attention grabbing peeps, squeals, whistles, trills and hums of various waterfowl.

Produces the natural calls of a teal, wigeon, pintail, drake mallard and wood duck.

    Single piece
    Polycarbonate construction

Gold Series Goose Call:

Extremely lightweight, affordable call that packs a punch given the design of the elongated, narrow barrel. An impressive, rugged call built on the fact that simplicity needs to ring as true as performance when it comes to throwing the most convincing honks, moans and clucks at incoming Canadas. This call's reed breaks over into guttural honks with little pressure but the call itself won't break under pressure when the skies are buzzing and talking the right talk to wary geese means the difference between flaring or falling.

    Natural, rich clucks and honks
    Easy-to-control tone
    Big volume

Gold Series Duck Call:

A single reed polycarbonate call that gets extremely "ducky" no matter the user's skill level. Lohman's heritage design is built on simplicity and reliability, placing this Gold Series call as an extremely affordable addition to an advanced waterfowler's lanyard for supplemental mellow chuckles and raspy smacks of a content hen or as a young gun's first call. The Lohman Gold Series is a contender that ignores the bells and whistles to focus on simply being an instrument in the hunter's hands that produces the most realistic duck sounds possible—the Lohman "Real Sound".

    Rich, full tones of the mallard hen
    Mellow chuckles
    Extra loud design
    Tested and perfected easy-to-blow sound system

Wigeon Call:

Known as the whistling duck. The male wigeon will be drawn to the superb sound of this excellent call.