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ESP Gizmo Tool Range Braid Mono Scissors Bait Stick Needle Bait Drill Fishing

ESP Gizmo Tool Range Braid Mono Scissors Bait Stick Needle Bait Drill Fishing

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Gizmo Tool:

The Gizmo rig tool is precision made in the U.K. from high-grade stainless steel.

Its tapered shape provides three grooves for shaping different sized loops in stiff hooklink materials and coated braid. The thin tapered point is perfect for shaping D’s on chod rigs etc.

A countersunk hole through the tool can be used for holding a hook when tightening knots and the mushroom-shaped top holds the ring of a Un-Link Swivels to test knots and tension rigs. Ergonomic and tackle box friendly.

    High quality stainless steel
    Plenty of grooves and gaps for a variety of rig purposes
    Tackle box friendly

Braid & Mono Scissors:

These hardened, high carbon stainless steel blades have an excellent shearing action perfect for tough dyneema braids and monofilaments. They provide a clean cut through braids to prevent fraying, even without holding the braid under tension.

The serrated edge helps to grip thick monofilaments such as bristle filament and fluorocarbon hook links, making it easy to cut a point at an angle across the material for easy threading through small hook eyes.

    Stainless steel long life blades.
    Soft touch handles.

XL Bait Stick Needle:

This 12cm long ESP flat forged needle is exceptionally rigid.

Ideal for threading through tightly packed dynamite sticks or P.V.A bags.

Bait Drill & Needle:

Easy to use with reduced splits and breakages- Ultra fine 1mm diameter drill produces smaller, neater holes- Matching 1mm diameter needle has low profile barb with no sharp edges to fray or damage braid- Increased diameter towards base of needle is useful for opening up the hair loop.