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Drennan AS Pole Rigs or River Rigs AS8 SF3 Carp Silverfish F1 Fishing

Drennan AS Pole Rigs or River Rigs AS8 SF3 Carp Silverfish F1 Fishing

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AS Pole Rigs:

Designed in conjunction with Alan Scotthorne, AS Pole Rigs have been more than a year in development and individually hand tied in our own factories, so the quality is second to none!

These rigs are designed in conjunction with five-time World Champion, Alan Scotthorne and are heavily based on Alan’s own rigs and rig diagrams. They took well over a year in development and are hand-tied in Drennan’s own factories.

They are designed for commercial fisheries and Incorporate the latest AS range of pole floats. They are made from the highest grade balsa and feature a special tough acrylic paint finish that gives exceptional strength and durability. They have highly visible hollow tips which are reinforced into the body and have a new-style of lightweight, blackened stainless steel eye that is kind to the line and a vast improvement over conventional spring eyes.

Sensible sized shot from No10 to No8 is used throughout and the shotting pattern based on Alan’s own recommendations. On each float there are three correctly positioned float rubbers to secure the float into place. Drennan Supplex line is used throughout, and loops are all tied with a reliable figure-of-eight knot.

Each rig comes on an innovative new toughened pole winder made from glass-filled nylon and a unique design of pole winder with allowing you to have the hook at the very end, which avoids kinking the hooklength. The winders are also clearly labeled and have detailed rig information printed onto the front face.

As close as you could get in mass production to what Alan Scotthorne uses himself. Arguably the best readymade pole rigs available!

AS1 (F1 & Carp) Pole Rig:
    Float: AS1
    Sizes: 0.3g, 0.4g, 0.5g
    Stem: Thickened 0.6mm stainless steel
    Tip: 1.5mm hollow
    Rig length: 3.5m
    Main line: 0.18mm Supplex
    Hooklength: 15cm of 0.15mm Supplex
    Hook: Size 16 Drennan Wide Gape Pellet
    Shotting: Spread bulk

AS3 (Silverfish & F1) Pole Rig:
    Float: AS3
    Sizes: 0.3g, 0.4g, 0.5g
    Stem: Carbon
    Tip: 1.25mm hollow
    Rig length: 3.5m
    Main line: 0.15mm Supplex
    Hooklength: 15cm of 0.117mm Supplex
    Hook: Size 18 Drennan Silverfish Maggot
    Shotting: Bulk plus two No10 droppers

AS4 (Margin Carp) Pole Rig:
    Float: AS4
    Sizes: 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g
    Stem: Carbon
    Tip: 2mm hollow
    Rig length: 2.5m
    Main line: 0.23mm Supplex
    Hooklength: 15cm of 0.20mm Supplex
    Hook: Size 12 Drennan Margin Carp
    Shotting: Spread bulk

River Rigs AS8 & SF3:


Perfect Strung out rigs that performs equally well on slow moving rivers, still waters and commercials

Designed in conjunction with 5x world champion Alan Scotthorne  the SF3's include
4 interchangeable 1mm Hi Viz Solid plastic tips including colours Red, Orange, Yellow and Black. The choice of 4 tip colours ensures that hi visibility can be maintained against any background.

The 0.8mm carbon stem is strong and durable but also light enough to allow the bait to be presented with a slow and natural fall through the water. A stainless steel wire eye securely bonds into the Balsa float body. The floats are finished with Drennan’s unique extra tough paint finish.

    Hook: Size 20 Carbon Match on all Rigs
    Hooklength:  0.105mm / 1.7lb Supplex Flurocarbon
    Mainline: 0.117mm/. 2.5lb  Supplex
    Winders: 200mm x 12mm winders
    Rig length: 4m perfect for Drennan top 3s

    0.4g: Strung out No 10s with 2 No 10 droppers.
    0.6g: Strung out No 9s with 2 No 10 droppers.
    0.8g: Strung out No 8s with 2 No 10 droppers.


Perfect Bulked rigs for rivers or stillwaters.

Designed in conjunction with 5x world champion Alan Scotthorne. The AS 8 has a classic body down shape that make these floats a really versatile pattern for commercials or slow moving rivers. They are perfectly balanced and the long carbon stem offers good stability.
Each float comes with 4 highly visible solid plastic tips allowing the angler to choose the perfect tip colour for any occasion. Each tip fits perfectly into a machined plastic sleeve that is secured into the Balsa body. A strong coiled wire eye is then glued onto the sleeve.

    Hook: Size 18 Red Maggot on all Rigs
    Hooklength: 0.12mm / 2lb Supplex Flurocarbon
    Winders: 260mm x 18mm winders
    Mainline: 0.129 / 3lb Supplex
    Rig length:  6m perfect for Drennan top 4s

    1.0g: 0.8g In-Line Olivette Bulk Rig with 3 No 10 droppers.
    1.5g: 1.25g In-Line Olivette Bulk Rig with 3 No 9 droppers.
    2.0g: 1.75g In-Line Olivette Bulk Rig with 3 No 9 droppers.