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Daiwa Power Carp X Pole or Match Power Cupping Kit Carp Fishing

Daiwa Power Carp X Pole or Match Power Cupping Kit Carp Fishing

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Available in 9.5m, 11.5m and 13m variants, the Daiwa Power Carp X Pole has you covered for all match fishing eventualities on a whole array on venues. Whether you draw a peg with a good looking margin, an island, a far bank, or you want to fish the mid-water, the Power Carp X pole range is flexible enough to cover you in all situations.

Constructed from high modulus carbon and pre-bushed with a 5.8mm PTFE Bush, the Daiwa Power Carp X Poles are supplied with an additional Power kit, giving you all the tools to get fishing.

The Power Carp X range is fantastic value for money, regardless of which pole you opt for and Daiwa have created a fantastic pole for the cost-conscious match angler looking for an affordable pole.  

HMC Carbon
Interlastic Power Kit
Pre-bushed with 5.8mm PTFE Bush
Supplied with additional Power Kits; 1 in the 9.5m, 2 in the 11.5 and 3 in the 13m.


9.5m Pole:
    Weight: 670g/825g
    Recommended max elastic: 20+
    Sections: 6+PHEX
11.5m Pole:
    Weight: 890g/1135g
    Recommended max elastic: 20+
    Sections: 7+PHEX
13m Pole:
    Weight: 1040g/1245g
    Recommended max elastic: 20+
    Sections: 8+PHEX