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Daiwa Carpa Pole Floats Ape Chimp Paste Keadby Gloucester Wire Match Fishing

Daiwa Carpa Pole Floats Ape Chimp Paste Keadby Gloucester Wire Match Fishing

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The CARPA float range was launched in 2003 by DAIWA Dorking Skipper Steve Saunders and started with the CARPA 1, 2 and 3 patterns which were designed for UK Commercials. The range grew as Steve designed patterns that he and his DAIWA team mates required for the UK & Europe.

Steve used his vast knowledge and contacts amongst the UK match scene to create more float patterns that were ideal for UK Commercials and Natural waters. A very high quality European float manufacturer was also exclusive for Steve to use. They provided floats for the UK Market which no other UK supplier had. This manufacturer also made floats for other top European companies thanks to their high quality materials and trademark ‘Perfect’ finish.

The CARPA’S trademark black body finish was actually created so the body could not be viewed under the water surface. Two new additions have recently been added to the CARPA range with the Gloucester pattern having the option of a wire or glass stem. The Gloucester float with a glass stem was created so the float reacted better when laid into the water whereas the wire stem makes the float settle better whilst improving the balance of the fibre antenna.

CHIMP - A very versatile float, featuring a wire stem and thin hollow bristle. Can be used for tight across on snake lakes, deep water F1 and carp fishing plus ideal for that bonus line on a canal.

APE - The Ape is a more robust brother of the infamous Chimp. A cut down stem and bristle making it ideal for snake lake fishing tight across in shallow water and also a good option for a shallow float, especially when long lining.

PASTE - A long bristle aids for fishing paste hook baits, this pattern features a strong carbon stem & the rig line runs through the centre of the body giving maximum strength.

KEADBY HOLLOW - Famous Keady float that is well balanced that offers a clean strike on sensitive bites.

GLOUCESTER WIRE HOLLOW TIP - The hollow top gives great visibility with extra bouyancy for bigger baits or laying on.