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Daiwa Advantage Groundbait Green Bream / F1 / Allround Black Fishing Attractant

Daiwa Advantage Groundbait Green Bream / F1 / Allround Black Fishing Attractant

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Green Bream:

Designed for attracting and holding grazing bream and skimmers, on the deck. The ratio of fishmeal has been fine tuned to be strong enough for aggressive summer feeding but light enough for slower winter sport. In comparison to other finer types, Green Bream contains a deliberate proportion of larger ingredients to enhance bait breakdown and also ensure ‘free bait’ to keep fish feeding on particles and prevent ‘gill feeding’. The smaller particles combine to carry added bait and importantly deliver attraction.


Designed for F1’s and small carp. Using crushed pellet as its base it carries more water, producing a hanging cloud to create attraction. It also breaks up fast, especially if just thumbed into the cup, to quickly deliver your added particles.
Well suited to use in shallow margins, it can be applied as a slop when fishing shallow or tight against far bank margins.

Allround Black:

This Black edition is ideal for clear water conditions on any mixed fishery or large natural waters. Carrying a proven proportion of fishmeal and other key ingredients to deliver a versatile pole or feeder mix for bream, roach, hybrids, carp and F1’s.  Also ideal as a darker base for another mix to tailor the approach on the day. USES: Mix with chopped worm and caster or dead maggot, Small feeder at close range to catch everything, Use as base for other mixes when required.