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Browning Xitan 2eX-S Pole Uni Sections Spares Square Protector Cupping Fishing

Browning Xitan 2eX-S Pole Uni Sections Spares Square Protector Cupping Fishing

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Pole Protectors:

Purpose designed short butt sections. Pole Protectors are reversible and fit every middle section. Built-in skid bungs protect sections from chipping and cracking. Also give useful pole length options. These Pole Protectors are fully compatible with previous Xitan poles like the Z9.

Product Codes:
    Pole Protector 5/6: 1883988
    Pole Protector 6/7: 10205989

Square Pole Protector:

Unique square section Pole Protectors as supplied with Advance & ²eX-S poles. Fit 11, 13 and 14.5/16m sections.  Plus round, reversible sections to fit from the 5th to the 11m section. Help protect poles from end damage and give useful length options.

Product Codes:
    Square Protector for 13m: 10803988
    Square Protector for 14.5/16m: 10803989

SLK-P 2/1 Duo Pulla Kit 4.5/5.5mm

Product Code: 10011992

SLK-P Duo Pulla Kit 5.5/4.5mm

Product Code: 1011994

1 Piece Kit Duo Bush 3.9/4.5mm

These 1-piece kits in a lenght of 1.79m replace standard 2-piece kits and give all poles incredible stiffness. They allow the angler to fight fish far more aggressively in shallow water. The blank also features coloured markings, allowing you to set the right depth effortlessly.

Available as skyline (light grey) or black.

Black Product Code: 10011993
Skyline Product Code: 10011995

Xitan / 2eX-S Power Sections:

Low cost, short and full length, Power sections for all poles. The Power sections are light and carefully designed not to unbalance the pole. Useful where some extra strength is required, or as low cost extra sections.

Product Codes:
    Power Uni-D Section: 10203903
    Power Uni-C Section: 10203904
    Short Uni-SC Section: 10203905

Xitan / 2eX-S Cupping Kits:

Pre-fitted with standard screw fitting to suit Browning and some other brand cups.

Product Codes:
    SLK-P 2/1 Cupping Kit 2.6m: 10011991