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Browning Groundbait 1kg Black Magic Red Cheesy Roach Bream Tench Barbel Fishing

Browning Groundbait 1kg Black Magic Red Cheesy Roach Bream Tench Barbel Fishing

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Groundbait Black Magic:

Groundbait for the most difficult conditions! The very dark, almost black colours makes this groundbait perfect for fishing in clear water. The special colouration makes Black Magic perfectly suited to the lake or river bed, leading the fish straight to the feeding site and keeping them there. Black Magic has highly active ingredients which roach especially find irresistible. The selected combination of attractors makes the scent and flavour attractive to all types of silver fish. Grain size: medium

Groundbait Red Roach:

A roach groundbait without an equal. The rich red colour of the groundbait provides an unbeatable advantage on coloured waters and in spring. Only the best high quality ingredients are used for Red Roach. The distinctive scent of roasted hemp combined with a special mixture of additives is irresistible to large roach and skimmer bream. Red Roach can be used on slow flowing canals and stillwaters and is perfect for use with bloodworm. Grain size: medium. Adhesion: medium.

Groundbait Easy Cheesy:

Developed for barbel fishing on large rivers, the distinctive parmesan cheese scent is irresistible to barbel. Easy Cheesy contains large red food particles which are slowly released from the balls of groundbait into the current, attracting fish from large distances. The strong binding properties of the groundbait provide a long lasting effect, holding fish in the feeding area. The gronudbait can also carry large quantities of live bait and particles. Grain size: large. Adhesion: very strong.

Groundbait Sweet Breams:

A light-coloured groundbait for attracting shoals of specimen bream. Sweet Breams has a unique almond scent which bream simply cannot resist. Principally for use in the summer months the groundbait has good binding properties making it perfectly suited to attracting and holding large shoals on lakes and large rivers. Grain size: large. Adhesion: strong.

Groundbait Tench:

This unique Tench mixture from the 'Champions Choise' groundbait range has ben specially designed to attract tench, but also holds a magical appeal for huge bream and crap. The binding strength has been formulated to maximise catch rate in lakes and slow flowing rivers. The groundbait receives its dark colouration from the finest fish meal. The fishy aroma with a subtle hint of sweet biscuit attracts large specimens quickly and holds them in the swim for long periods. Grain size: medium. Binding strength: medium.

Groundbait Crispy Carp:

When it comes to selectively attracting big fish such as carp and bream, and then holding them in the swim for long periods, a very coarse groundbait with plenty of particles is ideal. Crispy Carp binds well and therefore allows large amounts of additional loose feed to be included in the mix. With its light colour and intensive fruity aroma, the groundbait is perfect when large numbers of big fish are expected. As is traditional from Browning, we only use the highest quality ingredients for our Crispy Carp. The special feature is the cornflakes which give the groundbait an unmistakable appearance.