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Browning Black Viper MK 850 FD Fishing Reel

Browning Black Viper MK 850 FD Fishing Reel

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Browning have a lot of expertise in producing specialist tackle purpose designed for the long-distance feeder fishing which is common in mainland Europe. The Black Viper MK 850 FD is an example of a specialist reel packed with features specifically for medium to long-range feeder fishing. Sophisticated wormshaft gears have been used to ensure effortless retrieve and perfect line lay - particularly important for long-distance casting and when using braided lines. This is further enhanced by the large, wide and shallow spool design which can be perfectly filled without resorting to lots of backing. In summary, a purpose designed product that will out-perform conventional reels for this style of fishing.

    Electronically balanced lightweight rotor (LWR)
    Large-surface multi-disc front drag system
    CNC stainless steel handle
    Non-twist line roller supported by ball bearings
    Robust worm shaft power gears
    Aluminium Long Stroke spool
    Aluminium spare spool
    Wormshaft oscillation system
    Continuous anti-reverse

Gear Ratio 5.5:1, Retrieve 105cm, Capacity 300m/0.16mm