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Black Cat Bankstick Float Chunks Mullet Dip Sharpener Gloves Spray Beads Fishing

Black Cat Bankstick Float Chunks Mullet Dip Sharpener Gloves Spray Beads Fishing

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Noise-making capsules containing a steel ball. Attracts the attention of predators when attached to your rig.

Comes in a pack of 5.

Big Bells:

Special large bell that will wake you even from your deepest dreams. The small clamp is firmly attached to the rod, and the bell will not hit against the blank when a fish bites.


Extreme Long&Heavy Aluminium Bankstick for taking a single diverter or for tripod mounting with the BC Tripod Adapter to take two diverters on the BC Buzzer Bar. With an extended length of over 165cm or 200cm, the BC Bankstick is suitable for high diverter and tripod mounting.

Key features:
90cm bankstick extends to 165cm
115cm bankstick extends to 200cm


Sharp stones, groynes and obstacles in the water pose a threat to our main line. The diverter ensures safe passage of the line to the bait and guides the laid out line around obstacles.

Width: 9cm


This float specially designed for drift fishing and shore angling can be used with the thickest lines without a hitch. The colouration ensures good visibility even in adverse weather.

Vibro Underwater Float:

The Black Cat Vibrating Underwater float has several noise-making capsules inside to attract distant fish.

Catfish Float:

A round catfishing float with a snap light adaptor.

Cat Light Depot:

The Cat Light Depot will light up your rod tips, buoys and floats when night fishing. A collection of extremely bright snaplights in a Universal Box. Environmentally friendly and ready to hand to go from the Cat Light Depot to your catfish rod.

Each depot contains 45 lights, and each light is 45mm.

Flavour Spray:

Wels spray - allows the angler to spray deadbaits, worms and artificial lures as well as underwater floats and leader materials. The spray binds to the sprayed items and releases its incredible attractive effect beneath the surface.

Soft Beads:

Black Cat Fishing Rig Components have been specially designed to deal with the rigors that Catfish angling throws at them.

10 per pack, 8mm diameter.

Rubber Shock Beads:

A pack of 10 Rubber Shock Beads.

Each bead is approx. 10mm

Silicon Oval Stoppers:

Robust silicone stoppers with threading assistance for flexible and variable securing and fixing of underwater floats on the leader. Oval, 7mm, 10pcs per pack.

Silicone Tube:

Silicone tube for catfish rigs and for hook protection. Highly versatile.

Available in 5x2mm or 6x4mm. Both sizes are 1m in length.

Hair Rigs:

The BC Hair Rig is a special leader for use with livebaits and deadbaits as well as bunches of lobworm.

Black Cap:

    Fishing kit hat from black cat for catfish fishermen
    Black hat with logo
    Black Cat cap - a black hat by Black Cat with large logo.
    Black Cat cap
    Material: 100% Cotton

Trucker Cap Black/Yellow:

    Material: 100% cotton, mesh 100% polyester
    Size: One size
    Colour: black/yellow

Chunks - 10 pieces:

Highly attractive catfish boilie. Thanks to its huge dimensions (50mm approx) the boilie is highly distinctive and stays on the rig for long periods. Strong smelling ingredients attract fish from great distances. The aroma has been optimised during a prolonged testing by the black cat team. A genuine alternative to deadbaits and pellets.

This item is sold in 10 pieces per item.

Monster Mullet - 5 pieces:

Finally it is available, the Mega Boilie, especially designed for Catfish. Made of a mixture of several liver and blood meals in conjunction with fish extracts, it attracts the giant predators over huge distances. The catches will surprise you!

This item is sold in 5 pieces per item.

Dip - 150ml:

The matching dip for Black Cat Chunks, with a base of strong smelling extracts with aromas of blood, meat and liver - perfect for giving Black Cat Chunks or catfish pellets an additional boost.

Particularly pasty and binding for lasting attraction.

Catfish Gloves:

Maximum grip coated landing glove. Prevents hand injuries.
Material: 30 % PVC, 55 % Nylon, 5 % Rubber, 10 % Cotton.
Sold as a pair.

Diamant Hook Sharpener:

The Black Cat Diamond hook sharpener is simply essential equipment for a catfish angler. With its small packing dimensions, it can fit into any tackle box and allows hook tips to be kept razor sharp at all times.

Maxi Foam Float:

Buoyant, 100, 200 and 300gram EVA drift floats guarantee perfect bait presentation when boat and shore fishing. These inline floats are virtually indestructible due to the float body made of EVA. This material behaves almost silently on the water surface. The bright colour guarantees great visibility when the bait is allowed to drift.

Pellet & Chunk Rig:

Special ready-made leader for use with pellets and boilies for targeting catfish. The bait can simply be looped on while the hair rig ensures perfect bait presentation and reliable hooking.

Length: 1m
Hook size: 6/0
breaking strain: 100kg
2pcs per pack

Bouy & Boat Ghost Double Hook Rig:

Special ready-made leader with two hooks comprising one single hook and one Ghost Hook for presenting deadbaits and livebaits.

Rattle XL Hook Rig:

Multifunctional line, with a single hook (hook size 8/0) and a ratchet. This line is ready to use and can be used with all bait and many fishing methods. Length: 120 centimeters. Breaking strength: 100 kilograms.

Bouy and Boat Ghost Hook Rig:

Ready-made underline, to which two hooks are attached. One Ghost hook and one single hook. These are perfect to offer live or dead bait. Length: 1.4 meters. Hook size: 6/0. Breaking strength: 100 kilograms.

Hard Beads:

Black Cat Hard Bead black 50pcs: Hard plastic beads for attaching winged U-floats to monofilament leaders up to a diameter of 1.4 mm