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Berkley Pro Pack Pike Perch C-rig Jig Minnow Dark Water Kit Predator Fishing

Berkley Pro Pack Pike Perch C-rig Jig Minnow Dark Water Kit Predator Fishing

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Pro Pack - Pike:

A complete pack for pike fishing! The different colors and weights will help you find the right combination for every circumstance. Use this kit while casting or trolling for pike on lakes, rivers and canals.

Contents: 3 x Hollow Belly 15cm (Wagasaki. Fegis, Hot Yellow Perch), 3 x Flex Pike Head
PowerBait scented

Pro Pack - Perch:

The perfect allround kit for perch containing a broad selection of sizes and colors softbaits combined with three different weights Flex Round Heads. All lures are PowerBait-scented to maximise catches and give the angler an edge.

Contents: 2 x Power Swimmer 7.0 cm, 1 x Power Swimmer 8.0cm, 2 x Pulse Shad 6.0cm, 1 x Pulse Shad 8.0cm, 3 x Flex Round Head (3, 5, 7gr)
PowerBait scented
Different sizes and weights to adjust to changing conditions and watertypes

Pro Pack - C-rig:

Popularity of the Carolina Rig has increased exponentially. This kit was designed and developed by experienced C-Rig anglers to provide everything you need for this incredibly effective way of fishing for big perch. Different soft baits help you respond to changing conditions.

    Contents: 2 x Sick Bug 7.5cm, 2 x Sick Bug 10cm, 2 x Lead Bullet Weight (10, 14gr), 2 x EWG hook (#1, 2/0), 2 x glass bead
    Designed and developed bij pro anglers
    Complete starter-kit for Carolina Rig fishing for perch
    Razorsharp offset hooks offer a weedless presentation without affecting the hook up-rate
    Allround kit for different watertypes and conditions
Pro Pack - Jig Minnow Dark Water:

Jig Minnow contains a perfect combination of sizes and colours for all-round jigging for perch and zander. The different jighead weights make it possible to adjust to different circumstances; from street fishing to river fishing. Available in a Clear Water or Murky Water version.

    Contents: 2 x Sneak Shad 7.5cm, 2 x Hollow Belly 10cm, 2 x Sneak Minnow 7.5cm, 3 Flex Round Heads (5, 7 & 10gr)
    PowerBait scented
    Available in a Clear Water and Murky Water version
    Adjust quickly to changing circumstances with different colours, sizes and weight
    Different action baits help you to find the right lure for the right moment
    Super sharp and strong Fusion19 hooks
    A perfect kit for fishing perch and zander in various watertypes"