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Bait-Tech 1kg Groundbait Special G Karma Super Method Pro Feeder Carp Fishing

Bait-Tech 1kg Groundbait Special G Karma Super Method Pro Feeder Carp Fishing

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Special G range:

The Special ‘G’ range of groundbaits has been successful for a number of years and has been many anglers first choice when it comes to selecting a premium fishmeal groundbait. Still the most popular fishmeal based groundbait available and the reason is simple: GPS90 – and these three have it in abundance.

This highest grade super soluble fishmeal is the most pungent and powerful fishmeal attractor bar none! The super soluble properties of GPS90 means the area of water surrounding your rig, or feeder are saturated with attraction. Now the most popular green fishmeal groundbait used and you know why? It works!

Combined with other top quality fishmeals, ground pellets and attractants, Special ‘G’ has forged a reputation as the ultimate fish catcher. Whether method fishing, cupping, balling, as a stick mix or as a paste, Special ‘G’ does everything. Even carp anglers are catching on!

It is the Ultimate diverse groundbait range.


The Bait-Tech Karma groundbait has been designed to not only attract fish into the area it is fed, but also to stimulate the fish into a feeding frenzy.

    Unique Meaty Mix
    Fast Breakdown
    Maximum Fish Catching Attraction
    Karma is a highly versatile groundbait and can be used for all methods of fishing.
    Karma can be devastating when used as a method mix or in a conventional open ended cage feeder for all species.
    Karma makes an extremely effective, soft paste that oozes oils and meat flavours.
    Karma can be used to create the ultimate stick mix, it's naturally oily, ideal for use with PVA and funnel web systems.
    Use Karma to dust cubed or liquidised luncheon meat to intensify the 'meatiness' and attractiveness of the bait, ideal for cupping into your swim.
    Karma has been made using the highest graded fishmeals and meat derivatives that have been finely milled to produce an unbeatable fast breakdown groundbait. These superior ingredients proved to be highly attractive to big fish during our extensive trialing by top anglers.
    Karma has been created with some of the countrys most knowledgeable carp anglers.

Super Method Mix:

The ultimate all-round method mix has arrived. Full of nothing but natural ingredients, this proven fish catcher boasts nothing but quality. Super high in value with all the attraction in a top class bait, the Super Method Mix has been developed using a fascinating blend of sweet herbs and spices that carp and other fish adore.

Using only natural ingredients and proven winners such as hemp, vitalin caramill and cocarom – this mix creates  a rich and naturally flavoured fish attractor which is easy to mix. This fast breakdown groundbait is perfect for any method feeder, ideal for flatbed feeders for carp, barbel or bream…..put simply: it is what it says on the bag!

Packed with hemp, fully of natural herbs and over 5 different spice attractors, this method mix has flavour combinations that will out score all others. A versatile mix that has many uses this easy to mix groundbait excels when moulded onto a method feeder.

This mix is:
    A fast breakdown groundbait
    Perfect for all kinds of method feeder
    A multi-use method mix
    High attraction spice compound
    Sweet smelling
    Very easy to mix
    Prolonged attraction for continued feeding
    Naturally flavoured

Pro Feeder:

Trialled and perfected to be used in conjuction with any feeder style, pro Feeder can be used in any form, from dry and explosive through to over wet and inert. Dedicated feeder anglers have championed this bait due to its versatility and ingredient content that stimulates and holds fish. Cage and open-end feeders and methods alike, this mix does exactly what it needs to.