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Avid Carp Range Leads Braid Leader Terminal Tackle Needles Tools Carp Fishing

Avid Carp Range Leads Braid Leader Terminal Tackle Needles Tools Carp Fishing

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In-line Safety & Groove Lead:

The Outline Leads feature our unique Outline camouflage coating, which perfectly complements the Outline End Tackle range.

The coating is super-durable with a matt finish and disappears on any lake bed.

Safety Lead Features:
    Perfect for solid-bag fishing
    Quick change design
    Works great with PVA Bag Stems

Groove Lead Features:
    Perfect for solid-bag fishing
    Features a groove on one side for drop-off setups

Extremity Spod Braid:

Designed Specifically for casting Spods and Spombs extreme distances, this low diameter braid has high knot strength, a super smooth finish and is extremely hard wearing.

Shock Tight Braided Leader:

Shock Tight is specifically designed to be used as a braided shockleader when fishing at long range, or an extreme snag leader when fishing close to snags.

It's tough, durable and is finished in our Outline colours so it is virtually invisible when lay on the lake bed.

    Incredibly abrasion resistant
    Low diameter and supple, but still maintains strength
    Ideal as a shock leader for fishing at range, or an abrasion leader when fishing close to snags
    Finished in our low-vis 'Outline' colour

Lead Clip Kit:

Includes a click-fit Lead Clip, matching Tail Rubber and size 8 swivel. Compatible with Avid Anti Tangle Sleeves.

QC Lead Clip:

Quickly change rigs and setups with this double-ended QC Lead Clip system. Simply tie your main line or leader to the rear and hook rigs onto the QC section at the front. Compatible with all Avid Tail Rubbers and Anti Tangle Sleeves.

Lead Clip Tail Rubbers:

Compatible with all Avid Lead Clips. Designed to provide streamlined end tackle, with super softness for maximum safety.

Anti Tangle Sleeves:

These Anti Tangle sleeves kick your rig away from the lead perfectly. Compatible with Avid QC Lead Clips and QC Drop Off Stems.

Available in regular or XL size.

Ring Swivels:

Create safe rigs with extra movement with these high-performance size 8 Ring Swivels. An ideal option for Helicopter presentations.

Solid Bag Stems:

Preformed so you can attach your main line directly to the top of the stem. Great for quickly changing between pre-tied Solid PVA Bag setups. A Ring Swivel completes the setup.

Line Droppers:

Simply slot your line into the Line Dropper and twist until you are happy with the levels of grip. Great for fishing behind the lead in preference to a leader material, to pin down the last metre of your line. Regular or XL size available. Comes in packs of 4.

Line Aligners:

Provides a neat and streamlined Line Aligner over hooks sizes 2-6 and 8-12.

Available in regular size (for hooks sizes 2-6)
and XL (for hooks sizes 8-12).

Hook Beads:

These small, but grippy Hook Beads are streamlined perfectly for modern rigs. They work effectively on hooks sized 10-4.

Boilie Screws:

These camouflaged hard plastic Boilie Screws will grip almost any bait. Create the perfect quick change pop-up presentation. Comes with 25 boilie screws.

Shrink Tube:

A pack of camouflaged Shrink Tubing material that enables any number of rig presentations.

    Size small is for hook sizes 8-4.
    Size large is for hook sizes 4-1.

Quick Change Bait Screws:

The new Avid Bait Screws have been designed to make changing your hookbaits fast, simple and effective. Unlike other screws on the market, they feature a new quick-change design that means you can attach them to ready-tied Chod rigs, or rigs that already have a swivel or rig ring attached.

The Bait Screws have been designed to work in conjunction with the super-buoyant Avid High Lites. The High Lites are durable, will never take on water and can be boosted with your favorite flavour, making them the ultimate hookbait for Chod fishing.

Like with any Bait Screw, once the bait softens up after a prolonged period in the water, the bait may eventually fall off. If you use one of the super-durable High Lites you will never have this problem and, due to the nature of the High Lites, they will NEVER sink. Perfect!

Pindown Unleaded Leader:

PIN DOWN is a heavy leader material that follows every contour on the lake bed. Unlike traditional leadcore leaders which are often stiff and visible on the bottom, PIN DOWN is extremely supple and virtually disappears.

It's versatile, abrasion resistant, easy to splice and you can even tie knots in it. For best results when splicing loops add a small amount of super glue.

If you're looking for a versatile leader, pin it down with PIN DOWN.

Available in Weed/Silt or Gravel/Clay colours, and come sin 45 and 65lb strengths.

Readytied Pindown Leaders:

Supplied with two small loops perfectly spliced at either end, the leaders are extremely safe and very easy to use. They are Ideal for a whole host of different presentations, including Chod rig leaders, lead clip arrangements and helicopter presentations.

Available in Weed/Silt or Gravel/Clay in 65lb.

NOTE: The loop in any spliced leader is always the weakest point so ensure you test the spliced loop before using the leader.

Key features:
    Strong, supple and fast sinking
    Tied using Avid Pin Down Unleaded Leader material
    Supplied with two loops spliced at either end

Splicing Needle:

The new Avid tools boast ergonomic handles that make them extremely easy to use, as well as a couple of other stand-out features. All of them have a small metal rings on the back of them that allow you to test the strength of your knots and loop tiers that allow you to create perfect loops.

Key features:
    Ergonomic handles
    Extremely easy to use
    It has a small metal ring on the back
    Allows you to test the strength of your knots

Zig Rig Kit:

These ready-tied Zig rig kits contain everything you need to start Zigging. There's a perfectly tied Zig rig, a Zig Clip and a Tail Rubber.

The Zig rig is tied using 11lb monofilament which has an incredibly low diameter of 0.26mm, yet is still strong enough to perform well under pressure. The rig boasts a size 10 WDG hook which has a Zig Grub on the eye to improve hooking potential and add visual attraction. Knowing that yellow and black are two of the most popular colours for fishing in the upper layers, thereÂ’s a Black/Yellow Zig Lite already attached to the rig.

Titanium Braid Scissors:

Featuring sharp and durable titanium coated blades, these scissors will cut through braid or monofilament with ease. The titanium blades combined with the supplied braid protector ensure the scissors stay sharper for longer.

    Titanium coated blades
    Ergonomic handle design
    Supplied with a blade protector

Titanium Retracta Tools:

The Titanium Retracta tools have been developed through years of using inadequate carp fishing baiting tools which don't fit in compact modern tackle boxes and break after just a few uses. The needles are titanium coated to increase strength and durability. The retractable design of the needles allows the needle points to be stored away and protected, to prevent any form of damage to both user and the needle itself.

    Retractable design for easier transportation
    Super-strong titanium coated needle
    Ergonomically shaped handle
    Soft-touch handle

The Range Includes:
    Splicing Needle - Green
    Gated Needle - Blue
    Hair Needle - Purple
    Hard Bait Hair Needle - Orange
    Bait Drill - White

XL Rig Drops:

These streamlined Tungsten Rig Drops are perfect for use on your rigs, providing a modern alternative to rig putty. Pre-formed on thicker wires for ease of use with higher diameter materials like coated braid.

Sinking Rig Tube:

This sinking rig tube is easy to thread and offers excellent anti-tangle properties for venues where leaders are banned. It’s finished in our popular two-tone Outline colour, meaning it virtually disappears on all lakebeds.

QC Lead Clip Kit:

Include click-fit Lead Clips, matching Tail Rubbers, size 8 Quick-Change Swivels and an Anti Tangle Sleeves. 5 Per Packet

Lead Clip Kit:

Includes a click-fit Lead Clip, matching Tail Rubber and size 8 swivel. Compatible with Avid Anti Tangle Sleeves.

Swivels - Size 8:

These attachments are great for providing your rigs with added movement to help fight against unwanted tangles in the line. Finished in a dark design to minimise their spook factor. Supplied in a pack of 10

Outline Camo Reel Line - 300m:

Outline Camo Reel Line truly is the pinnacle of line technology, not only for it's unrivaled concealment properties, but also for extreme distance casting & superb abrasion resistance.

The line itself is finished in a low visibility green with micro flecks which provide the ultimate camouflage when underwater.

When used in conjunction with the Outline End Tackle range, every part of your underwater setup will be perfectly concealed, no matter the conditions or situation.

The ultra smooth surface finish makes Outline Camo Reel Line a great choice for extreme distance casting, especially in the lower diameters.

Abrasion resistance is also unrivaled, even in the most brutal conditions.

During our development & testing period, Outline Camo Reel Line performed better than other lines in snaggy situations.

Outline Camo Reel Line is available in 300m spools.

    Unrivaled concealment properties
    Low visibility green with micro flecks
    Ultra smooth surface finish
    Unrivaled abrasion resistance

Retracta Tool Set:

The Retracta Tool Set comes complete with all 5 Retracta baiting tools in a super-compact hard case. The embossed case makes it easy to identify where your individual tools are stored. Using a double rear hinge design with magnets, the Retracta Tool Storage Case can be stood upright for ease of use.

    Comes complete with all 5 Retracta baiting tools
    An embossed case for easy tool identification
    Double rear hinge with magnetic closure

Gripper Leads:

Gripper leads have been designed specifically to increase the grip on the bottom when fishing flowing water or in conditions where undertow is an issue.

The extra-deep grooves increase the gripping potential and the centre channel allows the lead to sit lower in the water, reducing the chance of unwanted movement.

Gripper leads are also perfect for fishing steep shelves, thanks to its flat profile.

    Perfect for flowing water
    Great at combating undertow
    Ideal for fishing steep shelves
    Extra deep grooves
    Center channel allows lead to sit lower

Marker Leads:

Boasting unique grooves, they transmit more information through the rod tip than a standard lead and gather debris from the bottom. They have a solid stem which gives a more accurate reading in weed. The swivel on the stem is positioned away from the lead so the float will always rise even if the lead is covered in debris.

    Aerodynamic body which casts straight and true every time
    Unique grooves transmit more information
    2 per pack (1x 3oz, 1x 4oz)

Pindown Braided Hooklink 20lb:

The Pin Down Hooklink material is the most supple Hooklink you will ever use. Favoured by Solid PVA bag anglers, the super supple PTFE fibre construction makes it the ideal choice. Made using our unique Outline PTFE fibres, this fast sinking, highly abrasion resistant material will blend in to anything it lies over. The Pin Down hooklink has gathered a huge following over its life and is considered as one of the fastest sinking hooklinks on the market. This latest version is even faster sinking and requires absolutely no putty to help it to stay nail to the bottom. Supplied in 20lb breaking strain on a 10m spool.   Pindown Unleaded Leader 50lb The Pin Down Leader is the most supple Leader Material you will ever use. Made using our unique Outline PTFE fibres, this fast sinking, highly abrasion resistant material will blend in to anything it lies over. Pin Down has all the great qualities of a Lead core leader, but without the stiff inner lead, which can sit off the bottom when lying over obstructions. The Pin Down Leader has gather a huge following over the years and this latest version has been tested in the most extreme fishing conditions imaginable. With a breaking strain of 50lb, you can be sure that wherever you decide to fish, the Pin down Leader won’t let you down. Pin Down Leader is supplied on a low profile 10m spool, which fits perfectly in your tackle box, alongside your hooklink materials.

Outline Camo Braided Mainline 30lb 300m:

A quick sinking braided mainline with a camo finish that blends in perfectly to a variety of backgrounds. Developed especially for Carp fishing, with a high knot strength and improved abrasion resistance. This makes a fantastic option when fishing at range where the zero stretch gives awesome feedback to your alarms!

    Fast sinking braided mainline
    Outline Camo tones used to create a perfect camouflage effect
    No stretch
    Fast sinking
    Great casting qualities
    0.25mm (30lb/13.6kg)

Shock Leads:

The Shock Lead system is a new concept to maximize the efficiency of your rigs, utilising improved hooking potentials with minimum fuss. The leads feature a recess in which to plug an anti-tangle sleeve, this leaves the rig exiting the center of the lead, a devastating edge over conventional lead arrangements. Gone are the days of having to swap and change between lead systems, the Shock System allows for a multitude of rig presentations to be used, from zigs to solid bags the Shock leads will do it all.

Distance Shock Lead:

Featuring a weight forward design, the Distance Shock Lead incorporates the same improved hooking mechanics into a long range system. The simple design offers excellent anti tangle properties even when fishing at range. The flat base allows the leads to be tightened down to without fear of moving the leads once they are on the lakebed, The Outline camo finish remains inconspicuous even in the clearest of conditions, helping you outwit the wariest of Carp.

Shock Lead:

The traditional Shock Lead shape allows for maximum hooking efficiency, the flat profile and square shaping mean this lead can be utilised in an array of fishing situations, be it boating rigs out, margin fishing or general angling scenarios, this makes for a very versatile style of lead. The short profile of the leads mean they can be incorporated into PVA bag set ups, as well as being equally effective in a standard lead clip application. The Outline camo finish remains inconspicuous even in the clearest of conditions, helping you outwit the wariest of Carp.