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Abu Garcia Svartzonker McHybrid Baby Assorted Colours Fishing Lure

Abu Garcia Svartzonker McHybrid Baby Assorted Colours Fishing Lure

Abu Garcia
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The Abu Garcia Svartzonker McHybrid Baby is the smaller brother of the original McHybrid and is 8cm in length, featuring the same unique design combining a durable, hard bait body with a soft and detachable shad styled tail.

The smaller size is ideal when fishing for Perch and Trout and provides an erratic swimming action that fish will find impossible to resist. The hard body gives the lure additional toughness and includes a rattle for added noise.

The soft tail is detachable, allowing you to interchange it with different colours of tails if desired. The McHybrid baby soft tails can be combined with the soft tails of McMy and McMio. The tail produces life like swimming action and is designed like a paddle tail for amazing side to side kicking, additional movement, flash and vibration.

Like the original, you can fish this lure in two different depth levels. You can use the lower ring on the front to let the lure swim at a shallow depth with a softer action. Alternatively, you can use the upper ring located on the top of the lure’s head for deeper and quicker movement.

Designed in a range of vibrant colours and patterns, this will enhance the lure’s attractiveness to fish and draw their eye. Each lure is fitted with two sharp treble hooks.

The Abu Garcia Svartzonker McHybrid Baby is available in a 8cm length and is available in a wide variety of colours. 1 lure per pack.

Features include:

    Two bait types in one
    Hard durable rattle body
    Soft, flexible shad tail
    Detachable tail
    Life like swimming action
    Two swim depth levels
    Fitted with two treble hooks
    Vibrant, contrasting colours
    1 lure supplied per pack

Weight: 12g
Length: 8cm