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Abbey Gun Care Oil Grease Lube Clean Stock Silicon Air Rifle Airsoft Shotgun

Abbey Gun Care Oil Grease Lube Clean Stock Silicon Air Rifle Airsoft Shotgun

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Abbey Blu Gel

Abbey Blu Gel gives deep even blueing of gun barrels and other metal parts in a quick and easy to use solution.


You can reblue worn and scratched gun barrels with this easy to use cold blueing method
Traditional hot blueing methods work best where major work is required but, for minor areas, Abbey Blu Gel is an inexpensive, viable and easy to use alternative

Available in 75gm pots.

Abbey Stock Finish


Gives a high sheen finish to oil coated airgun stocks
Protects your airgun stock from knocks and abrasions
Quick & easy to apply
Keeps your stock in pristine condition

Available in 25ml bottles

Abbey Silicone Gun Grease

Abbey Silicone Gun Grease is our high-viscosity silicone lubricant, designed specifically for use in air guns and firearms. Silicone Gun Grease is perfect for reducing the friction within fast moving plastic parts of the rifle or pistol.

Our silicone grease does not degrade over time, it won’t harden or reduce its effectiveness. It maintains a consistent and fluid covering over friction surfaces and because silicone is inert, it won’t damage their surfaces.

Abbey Silicone Gun Grease comes in 20ml handy pots for your tool box or bag. If you’re looking for a lubricant to lubricate the metal parts of your firearm or airgun, you’ll need our moly gun grease.

Nourishes O-Rings
Silicone Gun Grease is perfect for the internal action of airguns. It’s both a lubricant and an o-ring refresher, ensuring that your airgun is efficient throughout its operation.

Versatile Lubrication
Our Silicone Grease is a low load, high-viscosity grease that clings to surfaces, making it perfect for parts which move or rotate quickly. The lubricant is particularly well suited to reducing friction between plastic parts or between metal and plastic.

Gun Grease LT2

Gun Grease LT2 is a molybdenum based heavy grease designed for heavy-load applications, between metal parts.

Gun Grease LT2 is designed for use in high-pressure applications such as; inside an AEG Gearbox between gears and pistons; inside the bolt carriage of a GBBR; or on the metal slide of a Gas Blow Back Pistol. The grease stays in the friction area and reduces friction, rather than being squeezed out.

Our grease comes in 50ml pots, perfect for toolboxes and gun bags.

Molybdenum Based

Molybdenum fills in microscopic surface pores in metal, such as in gears, piston sliders or gas blow back bolts and leaves a smooth surface, reducing friction and increasing efficiency.

High-Temperature Stability

Our LT2 grease is stable under heat, meaning regardless of how hot your gearbox gets, it’s not going to seize up and it’s going to continue to provide a high level of lubrication and protection.


The anti-corrosion additives in our grease ensure that there’s no chance of rust or pitting damaging the internals of your airsoft gun and causing a failure over time.

Abbey Gun Clean

Abbey Gun Clean breaks down and removes all fouling from shotgun and rifle barrels. Its fine water dispersant qualities ensure no rain or moisture remains to cause rusting and corrosion whilst in storage or at the next shoot.

How To Use:

Rod through with a wad soaked in Gun Clean
Keep replacing soaked wadding until it comes clean and all residue is removed from the barrels
Give a final wipe with a soaked wad to leave a fine oil film for protection whilst in your gun cabinet

Use Gun Clean on areas such as muzzles, ejectors and shutplate to bring your gun back to new factory condition. Light oiling of ejectors and the safety catch will have the gun ready for your next outing.

Available in 125ml tins

Gun Lube SM50

Gun Lube SM50 is the recommended lubricant for high velocity moving parts, air gun compression chambers, firing pins in all sporting guns as well as any area where the issue of sliding friction is encountered.


Maximises power by reducing drag
Improves trigger action
Improves performance through smoother action
Non dieseling in air guns
Excellent rust inhibitor as it does not evaporate like mineral oils

Recommended lubricant for high velocity moving parts, air gun compression chambers, firing pins in all sporting guns, and any area where sliding friction is encountered.

Available in 30ml dropper bottles.

Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 Dropper

A specialised lubricant for leather and plastic washers in airguns; also a protectant for the exterior of all guns.
Good temperature stability.

Highly water-repellant.
Non-gumming, non-dieseling.
30ml Dropper bottle.

Abbey Gun & Rifle Oil

Abbey Supply Gun & Rifle Oil is an excellent general purpose light mineral oil for all guns, accessories and equipment which requires a light viscocity oil for lubrication. The oil also helps to prevent from rust and corrosion, extending the life of your gun.


Protects from rusting and corrosion
Penetrates to loosen rust

An excellent general purpose light mineral oil for all guns, accessories and equipment requiring a light viscocity oil

Available in 125ml long spout tins