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Shimano AERO X5 Waggler Feeder Rod Range Pellet Distance Precision Power Fishing

Shimano AERO X5 Waggler Feeder Rod Range Pellet Distance Precision Power Fishing

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Pellet Waggler 11ft:

Using the Pellet Waggler float is the number one technique to select the bigger fish. The Shimano Aero X5 Pellet Waggler Rod is designed for commercial pellet waggler fishing in various conditions. Coming as an 11ft rod, the Aero pellet waggler is ideal for casting bigger distances, getting that waggle float right out in the open.

With a carbon rod blank construction, the action of the rod is incredibly balanced between power and suppleness, providing the best distance possible with a waggler float. This rod action also assists to deliver enough power when a big fish is hooked so you can get them in your net without fear of losing the fish.

Once a big carp is hooked, the Aero X5 rod will show a beautiful through bending action but with plenty of power in the butt to control the fish when needed.

Distance Feeder 12ft:

The ideal rod for circumstances where long-distance casting is required but the presentation of the bait still needs to be delicate. Offering impressive casting distances with accuracy so you can get your bait to reach your target spot at the bank. Constructed from HPC NANO blank, the rod sports a very fast recovery during each cast and the anti-tangling guides will help the line flying off the spool super easy, reaching impressive distances. The AERO X5 Distance Feeder rod has two main sections instead of three which contributes to the beautiful playing action of the rod as well as enhancing its strength due to less joint sections. The backbone of the rod is strong, helping to build up the casting power of the rod whilst the tip section remains soft. A softer rod tip creates a truly beautiful curve in the rod¿s flexibility, going all the way through the rod and particularly useful when a fish is hooked. The recommended casting weight of the 90g at both lengths which makes this rod very well usable on both commercial lake fishing, meaning you can fish on bigger lakes when distance fishing for bigger carp. The rod also offers great use on natural waters for bream. A great all-round distance feeder rod which is still very sensitive and provides a beautiful fish playing action.

Precision Feeder 10ft:

The Shimano Aero X5 Precision Feeder Rod comes in a 10ft length that is ideal for the angler who is looking the perfect weapon when tackling a commercial. Great for feeder fishing on small to medium-sized waters, the Shimano Aero X5 sports a rod action that is perfectly balanced between accuracy for casting and softness for fighting the fish. This is thanks to the rods stiff backbone blanks and the softer rod tip offers a flexible curve.

Featuring excellent casting accuracy, this Shimano precision rod is excellent for allowing you to fish your bait feeder or bomb super tight against the other bank, island or on a compact baiting area as its ideal distance is up to 40m. This also means that when a fish is hooked, the feeder rod will give you the power to bring it in fast but provides the softness to keep the hook in the mouth of the fish.

The Precision Feeder rod also comes provided with quiver tips that offer incredible sensitive bite registration so you never miss a chance to land a fish in your net. The 0.5 oz super fine tip is specifically designed for circumstances where you need to see every movement of your line, especially ideal when winter fishing.

Distance Power Feeder 13ft:

The Shimano Aero X5 Distance Power Feeder Rod comes as 13ft length rod blanks. These rod blanks are constructed from HPC+NANO material making an incredibly strong yet flexible rod. This Power Feeder rod feels no struggle at all when casting 100grams plus thanks to its nano carbon blanks that also offer fast recovery which contributes to reaching the big distances easily.

Coming in three pieces, the AERO X5 Distance Power Feeder gives big distance anglers a rod perfect for casting heavy feeder cages full of bait. The ideal weapon of choice when making massive distances across larger waters, this Shimano power rod can reach distances up to 120m and sport a casting weight of 120g.

This type of rod is ideal for specialist anglers who are fishing big canals and rivers for big bream.