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Sensas Groundbait Super Black Classic Roach Bream River Lake Feeder Crazy Bait

Sensas Groundbait Super Black Classic Roach Bream River Lake Feeder Crazy Bait

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Super Black Groundbait:

Range of groundbaits developed for year round fishing in clear waters. Carefully manufactured so the colour lasts all through your fishing session. The due stays in the groundbait so you will not stain your hands mixing these feeds! They have already proved themselves in countless matches so if conditions are tough and water clarity a problem give these 3000 Super Black mixes a go!

    Fine particle size, slightly sticky groundbait perfect for targeting bream and skimmers on tough venues especially where pike are a nuisance.
    All year round mix that can be used either with leam or other BLACK series groundbaits.

    Fine particle size and medium binding properties make this the perfect mix for using in cage feeders even in slightly deeper water.
    Medium particle size and fairly sticky mix that works best in medium and fast flowing clear rivers.
    Fine particle size and medium binding properties make this the perfect mix for using in cage feeders even in slightly deeper water.

Gros Gardons Big Roach:

A dark brown groundbait with large particles that interest the bigger roach in your swim.

Classic Range:
        Versatile and our most popular mix. Full of attractors that work constantly in your swim to keep all species interested. The base to many of Team England's successful mixes.
    Black Lake:
        The black equivalent. Perfect for clear waters and difficult conditions.
        An old favorite. This sweet mix is great for Skimmers and Bream.
        Another popular mix. Can be mixed heavy to go straight to the bottom of fast rivers. Full of feed, with medium sized particles.
    Natural Bream:
        Always a winner this bream groundbait is full of sweet particles Bream love. Its fluorescent yellow and red particles attract and hold Bream in the swim.
    Super Canal Black:
        Designed for small and large canals. This is a fine dark groundbait that holds together remarkably well.

Club Groundbait:

This new range of groundbaits have been developed to meet the needs of the modern match angler. As angling pressure increases and fish wise up to standard baits, thinking anglers need an edge to stay in front. The 3000 club range does just that. Each mix is perfectly suited to a species or a type of venue or technique. So stay in front and team up with the new 3000 club range!

    3000 Club Big Roach:
        Roach mix with slightly larger particles to select better quality fish. Goes an attractive deep brown once wetted.

    3000 Club River:
        This mix binds well and has a medium texture. Versatile groundbait suitable for the majority of river venues.
    3000 Club Feeder:
        This feeder mix is designed to break up rapidly once in the water. Light brown in colour this mix is particularly suitable for cage feeder work.

3000 Sweet Fishmeal Magic:
    One of Sensas most popular continental groundbaits ever, this sweet fluffy attractor is a proven summer favourite for all commercial fish, especially skimmers. With the added flavour of high-quality fish meals, it has pulling power for all Commercial Silver Fish, the perfect base for micro pellets, sweetcorn or chopped worm.

Crazy Bait Gold:
    Demand for even more concentrated and potent groundbait has led us to develop Crazy Bait Gold with its unique "double fish flavour", the richest and most powerful attractor yet produced.

Big Bag Groundbait:

Generation of highly specific groundbaits developed by our English fishery and carpodrome consultants. Based on groudn pellets and top quality stimulants and additives these mixes will prove irresistible to carp and other big fish. Can be mixed up sloppy if you want, these groundbaits work quickly in the water to create a rapid and long lasting attraction.

    Halibut & Hemp Mix:
        Fine grained groundbait blended from first class ingredients - ground halibut pellets, fishmeal, ground hemp and appetite boosters. Perfect for targeting big carp, tench and bream. Can also be mixed as a paste for fishing on the hook.
    Hemp & Tiger Mix:
        This groundbait is laced with seed particles and oils. Sure to interest feeder and method anglers as well as pole specialists. Rich in hemp and tiger nuts. The combination is unusual and very effective!
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