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Quantum Mr Pike  Fishing Rod or Reel The Releaser Classic Boat Old School Zander

Quantum Mr Pike Fishing Rod or Reel The Releaser Classic Boat Old School Zander

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The Releaser Reels:

Two first-class free-spool reels that do exactly what you expect of them at the crucial moment in an angling session: allow the line to run 'free' and unobstructed on a bite! That is why we have called these fixed-spool reels in the Mr. Pike Range 'The Releaser' because they release the line directly when necessary. The free run can be adjusted depending on the current and wind. The reel is available in two sizes: a very small, compact size 420 version for light predator fishing with baitfish. An a large size 460 version for heavy-duty pike sport with a long-cast weight or large float rig! Both models are equipped with 4 high-quality stainless steel ball bearings and the special S-curve line distribution system guarantees optimal retrieval of the main line onto the metal long-cast spool.

Model 420 specs:
    m/mm: 140/0.25
    Gear Ratio: 5.0:1
    Retrieve: 69cm
    Drag force: 4kg / 8.8lbs
    Weight: 187g

Model 460 specs:
    m/mm: 300/0.35
    Gear Ratio: 4.6:1
    Retrieve: 88cm
    Drag force: 7kg / 15.4lbs
    Weight: 459g

Classic Boat Rod Standard:

A typical trolling rod for pike fishing with a pike float and free-spool reel but also perfectly suited to trolling with planer boards and large lures. Based upon the popular blank of the Mr. Pike Classic Boat, we have released the Mr. Pike Classic Boat Standard in a fixed-spool reel design by popular request.

    Length: 3m
    Sections: 2
    Casting Weight: 250g / 3.5lbs
    Transport Length: 1.56m
    Weight: 305g

Old School Zander Rods:

A traditional deadbaiting rod range naturally includes a typical zander rod. In the Mr. Pike 'Old School Zander', we have developed a rod in true Dutch style in lengths of 2.7m and 3m. The blank is extremely sensitive, which is a huge advantage when legering to register the highly cautions bites. The rod also has a very special test curve, which guarantees risk-free casting of the deadbait while also easily cushioning the thrashing head movements of zander during a fight. Equipped with 6 and 7 rings and cork/EVA handles with integrated screw reel fittings. Extras: line clip.

2.7m specs:
Transport length: 1.41m
Weight: 137g

3m specs:
Transport length: 1.56m
Weight: 152g

Both rods have 2 sections, and a casting weight of 5-20g.

Classic Bank Rod:

As if made by 'hand': Classic, simple and to the point in terms of action - the Mr. Pike 'Classic Bank'! A typical English pike rod for all-round baitfish angling. Whether long-range legering with an inline or side-mounted lead or fishing tight to the bank with a finely balanced float rig, the 'Classic Bank' captivates with a perfect test curve in a fight, ensures that the baitfish lands trouble-free in the water (with no pull-outs) and impresses with sufficient power on the strike, even over long distances. The simple 3.6m carbon-fibre blank is equipped with 5 long-cast, twin-strut rings and, thanks to the slender handle, sits perfectly in the hand or fits any buzzer bar. Extras: line clip.

    Length: 3.6m
    Sections: 2
    Casting Weight: 200g / 3.5lbs
    Transport length: 1.86m
    Weight: 358g