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Preston Innovations Mag Lok - Winder Trays All Sizes Pole Fishing

Preston Innovations Mag Lok - Winder Trays All Sizes Pole Fishing

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Four Mag Lok Winder Trays give you loads of rig options in one tray. The diverse range of wider size covers all of your pole fishing needs.

All of the Mag Lok winder Trays feature strong and reliable NEO magnetic 'Mag Lok' clips which are built to last, giving you confidence every time.

A unique feature on all of the Mag Lok winder trays are the useful Winder Indicators. These aid identification of specific winder trays and can be easily clicked into place.

Available Mag Lok Winder Trays:

Shallow Tray with 13cm Winders:
The shallow 13cm Mag Lok winder tray features small 13cm winders which are ideal for storing a vast amount of short pole rigs. These winders are perfect for shallow, short dumpy floats.

Shallow Tray with 18cm Winders:
This tray is filled with 18cm winders which are the most common six amongst pole anglers. These winders are perfect for storing double pole rigs and designed for floats up to 1g.

Shallow Tray with 26cm Winders:
The Mag Lok 26cm Winder tray has been designed to store floats up to 2g and the slim shape enables you to comfortably store longer pole floats.

Deep Tray with 26cm Winders:
This Deep Mag Lok tray completes the Winder Tray range, the larger 26cm winders are wider than the previous and perfect for storing larger pole floats, up to 6g.