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Nash Siren R3 Wireless Receiver Bite Alarm Indicator Carp Fishing - T2950

Nash Siren R3 Wireless Receiver Bite Alarm Indicator Carp Fishing - T2950

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The R3 Receiver brings clinical reproduction of the R3’s Intelligent Sensing direct to your pocket or brolly, whatever the conditions or the nature of the swim.

The R3 Receiver precisely replicates the R3’s Intelligent Sensing - offering exact tone reproduction bleep for bleep even in difficult swims or around obstacles that cripple inferior remote systems. Tested to in excess of 400 metres, you can be sure the signal between your alarms and the R3 remote cannot readily be compromised

Note: Range can vary considerably depending on atmospheric conditions

    Market leading remote performance – independently verified
    Exact alarm tone reproduction
    Four channel one touch pairing with R3 alarm heads
    Additional fifth channel to programme in friends’ alarms (up to 32)
    High impact soft touch case with gasket seals to maximise waterproofing
    Anti-theft warning alarm
    Adjustable volume
    Vibration and mute functions
    Supplied with four colour lens option pack allowing receiver to be customised to match any head LED colour combination
    Lanyard and karabiner included.
    Ultra long battery life
    Low life battery alert
    Powered by 1 x CR123A – 3V battery (NOT INCLUDED)


Note - Extended range receiver performance is an indication of signal strength, improving reception in swims with signal interference. Nash Tackle do not encourage baited rods to be left unattended.