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Guru Hooks QM1 MWG LWG F1 Kaizen Pole Special Pellet Maggot Fishing

Guru Hooks QM1 MWG LWG F1 Kaizen Pole Special Pellet Maggot Fishing

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QM1 Hooks:

Taking hook design to the next level, this revolutionary eyed pattern is purpose designed to dramatically reduce fish loss. Specifically for hair rigging baits and self-hooking styles of fishing the short swept shank, offset design and super-sharp beaked point offers unrivaled penetration and hook holds. PTFE coating prolongs durability, while the large eye allows use with thinker lines associated with modern fishing styles.

10 barbless hooks per pack.

MWG Hooks:

This is an awesome, strong all-round pattern thats suitable for most styles of angling, right from waggler fishing, through to heavy pole work and specialist feeder fishing. Its a more conventional pattern than the QM1 and features a super-wide gape that helps you to connect with as many bites as possible. The beaked shape will help convert solid hook holds into fish in the net. A large eye allows you to thread heavier hook link lines through three times when tying the knotless knot for the most cutting-edge hair-rig presentations.

10 barbless hooks per pack.

LWG Hooks:

These hooks have been tested for some time (indeed, you may have seen them on the Guru website in features!) and launched in 2013 in both eyed and spade-end versions. They’re made from a lovely, light wire that will handle everything up to, and including, match-sized carp. They’re a super all-round hook that is perfect for use with pellets, maggots and sweetcorn on a range of waters. They're favoured by Guru match ace Andy Bennett and he uses them to amass huge weights from commercials up and down the UK.

10 barbless hooks per pack.

F1 Hooks:
    F1 Maggot:
        Suitable for maggots, casters, pinkies and other small baits
        Super sharp straight point
        Spade end
        PTFE coated Fine wire
        Narrow gape

    F1 Pellet:
        Suitable for pellets, corn, meat and worms
        Oversized spade end
        Beaked point
        Super sharp
        PTFE coated
        Fine wire
        Wide gape

    F1 Eyed:
        The ideal hook for when your hair-rigging on the pole, but require a more delicate touch.
        PTFE coated for extra strength and durability.
        Slightly out-turned eye to make the hook sit at the ideal angle when pole fishing.
        Forged for increased strength.
        Super sharp, straight point.
        Joining the “F1 Hook” family, this hook will also handle bonus bigger specimens.
        Ideal for hair-rigging hard pellets, banded casters, banded dead maggots.

10 barbless hooks per pack.

Kaizen Hooks:

These hooks have been designed using the latest improvements in technology to improve both the efficiency and the safety towards the fish, especially thanks to their PTFE coating and barbless design.

10 barbless hooks per pack.

Super LWG Hooks:

The original LWG established itself as an astonishingly popular pattern. We have now introduced a premium version of this – the Super LWG! Featuring a round bend and wide gape with an inturned point, the Super LWG is PTFE coated to ensure the hook remains strong, durable and discrete in appearance. A single hook has proved to last throughout intense bagging sessions. The ‘Wasabi’ point stays razor sharp to give you maximum hooking capability at all times. Available in both eyed and spade patterns, The hooks are perfect for presenting all kinds of baits, from maggots, casters and worms, to meat, corn and pellets. The eyed versions are superb for hair rigging a band when using hard pellets, or for holding a Speed Stop to present hair-rigged baits.

    Premium version of the proven LWG hook
    Ideal for all manner of baits including: Maggots, pellets, corn, meat and worms

10 barbless hooks per pack.

Pole Special hooks:

For those of you who like your " natural waters " feeder work.The release of the LWGF Special pattern, which stands for Light Wide Gape Feeder.

This pattern was developed by Guru for ‘natural’ waters, rivers and canals in UK and Europe. Steve Ringer and Adam Rooney tested them on the big reservoirs, primarily fishing for bream, but they’re perfect for hybrids, roach, skimmers and perch too. In fact, due to its versatile spade-end design, the LWGF is great for pole work too.

    Micro barb
    10 hooks per pack
    Spade end
    Black nickel finish