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Dynamite Baits Big Fish River Range Pellets Groundbait Bait Soak Paste Fishing

Dynamite Baits Big Fish River Range Pellets Groundbait Bait Soak Paste Fishing

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Mixed Pellets:

A specially designed and flavoured pellet for targeting barbel, chub and carp on the river. Use them straight out of the bag when loose-feeding or dampen them to fish in a feeder.

    Mixed bags of pellets including 4, 6 and 8mm pellets in a 1.8kg bag
    Available in all three Big Fish River flavours – Meat Furter – Cheese & Garlic and Shrimp & Krill
    Ideal feed pellet for using with the matching ranges
    Great for feeding by hand or via a spod straight from the bag or in the feeder when targeting barbel and chub
    Can be soaked and softened for when using in a cage feeder
    Highly flavoured heavyweight pellet that gets to the bottom for the river fast


Proven river flavour for barbel, carp, chub and bream fishing
A heavy feed groundbait designed for river work on fast, medium and slow moving rivers.
High in food content including whole halibut pellets for big fish attraction.
Various sized particles designed to wash down river at different rates and keep fish routing around in the swim.
Highly flavoured bait to attract fish from downstream.
Can be balled-in or used in a feeder.
1.8kg bag

Buster Hookbait:

Proven river flavour
Highly flavoured, high leakage to attact fish from distance
Come with 20mm fish oil in the tub to top coat the baits an add extra attraction and prevent drying out
Slow breakdown rate for fast flowing water
Dumbell shaped to prevent being washed downstream
Easy to push needle through for hair rigging
Handy resealable tub to lock in freshness

Bait Soak:

Proven river flavour
High in attractants
PVA friendly
Perfect for glugging hookbaits or boosting groundbait and spod mixes
Matches other products in the range
Water soluble for rapid leak off
500ml bottle with screw cap


Fibrous paste for wrapping around leads and hookbaits
Proven river flavour to match the range
High leakage to attract fish from downstream
Wide tub for easy access to bait
Resealable tub to lock in freshness

Durable Hook Pellets:

A new addition to the Big Fish River Range. Durable Hookbaits. High leakage and three flavours perfect for barbel, chub and carp fishing on running water.

A fast breakdown, highly attractive hookbait which is designed to draw river fish into your swim by oozing flavours downstream. The perfect size for barbel, chub and carp the hookers are soft and squidgey enough to be hooked direct but firm enough to be hair-rigged and stay on without coming off.

    Available in all three Big Fish River flavours – Meaty Furter, Cheese & Garlic and Shrimp & Krill flavour to match the current 2019 MH durables.
    High leakage, 1 hour breakdown for quick impact bites. Starts working as soon as hits the water
    Soft enough to hook direct but durable enough to stay on the hook when casting. Can also be hair-rigged
    12-13mm size approx.
    New process makes them slightly tougher than original Swim Stim Durables.