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Drennan E-Sox Dropshot Flurocarbon Leader Coarse Fishing

Drennan E-Sox Dropshot Flurocarbon Leader Coarse Fishing

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Drennan E-Sox DropShot Fluorocarbon Leader, E-Sox Dropshot Fluorocarbon makes an ideal leader material. It is supple enough to ensure a lure behaves naturally, yet stiff enough to avoid tangles. As it is made from 100% fluorocarbon it has a very similar refractive index to water, making it almost invisible and therefore much harder for a fish to detect. Dropshot Fluorocarbon Leader has exceptional abrasion resistance and high knot strength for its given diameter. It also works well with braided reel lines.

Key Features:

    Supple enough for great lure control and behaviour
    Yet stiff enough to avoid tangling
    Almost invisible to fish
    Provides exceptional knott strength